Akashic Record Readings 

What are the Akashic Records? 

Every soul in this life and in past lives have a "book of life" which records all of their experiences and memories, the Akashic records hold every soul's vibrational recording of their journey from the time of their creation until the time they return home. The records hold the wisdom of your soul from this life and all past lives.

Think of a big library for the universe, where every soul has a book.  Accessing the records for your reading is like taking down your book from the shelf and answering your questions about you from your book. The records deliver clarity, peace of mind and insight to your questions. 

Some Info on an Akashic reading 

 Amanda will begin your reading with some deep breathing to connect and center. Followed by the opening prayer to open the records. Once the records are opened you will be directed to ask your questions. It is a lovely process that feels peaceful, safe, fun and supported. There is a reason you were drawn to this ancient practice so trust the process and yourself. Relax and enjoy what comes through for you, for optimal results it is encouraged that you are completely open minded and have an open heart.

To have a reading you must be of 18 years of age.

What and How questions work the best...

Examples being..

What do I need to let go of?   What will this new job bring me?   What is the dynamic of our relationship?   What can I release about this event so I can move on?   How can I improve my sense of connection with myself, with others, and with the Earth?  What am I here to do?

These types of questions will give you deeper insight rather than a straight yes or no question.

These readings are not meant to predict the future, future possibilities may show up but nothing is concrete, we all have free will and the future is always subject to change based on the choices we make. 

Things to keep in mind the day of your reading

It is important to not ingest drugs or alcohol the day of your reading. Staying hydrated before and after your reading is advised as well. It is optimal to have quiet time before and after your reading to prepare ( before) process and integrate for after your reading.

Some people like to prepare their questions before hand and it is helpful to have a journal near by during your appointment. Most importantly breathe, smile and have fun, remember to listen to your own guidance as insight comes through for you during your session. 

To book your Akashic reading please click the button below.

Akashic Record readings are  45 Minutes done over the phone for $111.

Payments can be made via Paypal or Venmo 

Please provide at least 24 hours cancellation prior to your scheduled session.

I look forward  to reading your Akashic records with you

  With Love 



Lumiere VT and Amanda Duffy is not a  licensed medical doctor, naturopathic doctor, psychologist, psychotherapist or licensed healthcare provider or practitioner of any kind.

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