Chakra Alignment 

Chakra, the word itself is Sanskrit for wheel, these wheels are energy centers that are located in and around your body. Each chakra takes in and incorporates energy to keep us feeling aligned, connected and present.


Why do I need a Chakra Alignment?


Chakra's can become blurry, a little tired, closed and over used too! 

This session will soothe, recharge, cleanse and whatever else your chakra, body and soul need.

What do I need to do for this session?

Absolutely nothing and I mean it.

We will discuss when your session will be, all you need to do is be. Meditate, lay down, sit in a comfortable position. 

Relax and try and let your mind be clear so you may receive.

You will receive a recording of your alignment.

I advise my clients to drink plenty of water before and especially after.

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