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Monthly Insight Subscription


Do you feel you would like a little more insight into your life? Are you curious about Oracle cards and crystals but don't know where to begin?

This subscription is perfect for just that. Each package is intuitively picked just for you. You will receive your card and reading along with a crystal for that month. No two are the same, this subscription is TRULY one of a kind.

This subscription is a great soul care item to receive each month and spend a little time on YOU.

How does it work?

I will intuitively select your card for you from the decks I have to do your reading and then select your crystal after the reading from my beautiful collection.

Each card and crystal personally picked for you.

Sign up to subscribe for each month, cancel at any time.

Pay using  PayPal on the sign-up form located on this page.

Your subscription will be mailed by the 25th of each month.

Crystal Selection 

Are you interested in Crystals but not sure where to start? It can feel a little overwhelming for some, so many to choose from, to just being nervous.

So I created this experience to bring you ease and joy for finding your crystals.

This is what these amazing gems do, they bring ease, support, joy and so much more.

The crystals you receive are already charged and ready to work their magic. I encourage each person to place or wear  their crystals wherever feels right.

For some it is in their left pocket, for others on the desk at work, bedside table, living room etc. You will feel where they want to be. It is also okay to travel and move them around. 

How does it work?

Fill out the form and I will intuitively pick out your crystals for you, its that easy! You can also fill out a form for a friend ( perfect for gift giving).

The Cost for this service is $15, this includes Five stones picked out just for you and the cost of shipping.