First day

1:00am on my clock and I double take, really? Brain starts ...Must of been the sugar from last night in the fondue I ate with my husband and kids. Okay go back to bed Amanda, up again 30 minutes later, was that the cat I hear? I kept waking up questioning what was keeping me up! It wasn't until I published and shared this site that all of that questioning went away. Since 1:00am my fire/ heart / my soul was pushing me to do this, I was tired so I didn't even listen!! Get with it girl! Thankfully my husband was awake and I asked him to look at the site, that calmed me ( he always grounds and calms me, thank you god for sending me a fine man of Capricorn, Aires and taurus.. Perfect for all of my fire and air) more on astrology in a later post for sure because I could go on and on and on!

Anyways where were we? Oh right right he looked at my site and was supportive like always.. He had to work today and was out the door. Snow day for the rest of the Duffy's.

Next thing I am opening up my laptop and plugging away, the house is quiet with our son sleeping and pets doing the same, while the snow keeps falling creating winters blanket. I was in the moment ( still am if we are being honest here and its AMAZING). I have not left my room which is not the norm usually i've had at least 4 cups of tea and food by now but this fire is blazing and I can not put it out!

Doing this website requires some pretty new stuff from me, sharing really sharing who I am, being vulnerable and living in my truth. Walking the walk my soul is on, that walk is not perfect and is not paved for sure, it can be found with many rocks, sticks, trees, animals and whatever the season we are in.

Listening to your self, your heart is not easy but friends I will tell you it is worth the fear, worth the sleepless mornings, the bottles of calming essential oils and the 12 pounds of crystals laying on you to calm and support you!

But really, it is freeing, seriously I cant remember the last time I went this long with out food or water! Dennis, Alex, Colin, Mom did you read that part again?!?!

The pure adrenaline and happiness that comes with listening to your heart is the culprit. I hope this encourages you to do the same. You deserve it, your heart deserves it your soul deserves it.

I have changed quite a bit over the past year and a half as you could tell from the about me page, and you may know if you know me. I have been wanting to share this change and who I am for some time now and wasn't sure how or when would be the right time. Thanks to my family, some great friends and going for it we are here and the message has been shared.

I look forward to sharing what I have learned in hopes it helps others, to keep this post short Ill finish up with if you can make one person smile today, do that, hold onto that feeling and multiply it each day, The world needs more smiles and it sure needs more of what you have to offer.

sending my Love


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