Full moon in Virgo February 19th

This full moon is also a Super full moon!

This full moon resides in Virgo-Virgo is an earth sign and is usually pretty focused on details and cleanliness, just to name some of the characteristics. When you put these two together you get a powerful full moon giving you the nudge to address some things in your life that make not be working out so well, Worry, over thinking, negative self talk, situations, toxic relationships and anything else that isn't feeling in alignment. This is going to be so helpful but also intense for some, so take care of you. A full moon is known to be a period of excess. This is a time of increased creativity, excess emotions, psychic energy, physiological activity and for some restless sleep.

This moon is a wonderful time to complete small tasks around your home and workplace too, thankful for that grounding Virgo energy it is easy to slip into routine. Full moons can be a time where your body is sensitive to stimulants, poor food and lack of sleep so make sure you take extra care. This is a good time to begin clean eating habits and cut anything you've been wanting to out.

For all of my fellow crystal lovers this is an awesome time to cleanse your little gems, the lunar energy is amazing for them. Simply place them outside on a flat surface, cover them in a glass jar or seal them in jars to protect them from unexpected rain or in our case lets be honest SNOW. Remove them first thing in the morning and they will be good to go :) You can also place them on your window sill, this works great for gem stone jewelry. Each full moon is a time to cleanse our spiritual helpers ( not just this one).

Smudging your home and self on a full moon is also super charged. Smudging at any point is awesome to get rid of negative feelings, germs and it just feels good! To begin make sure you have something to catch the ash that will fall from your sage bundle. Crack your windows or open them fully if you can, I like to play some healing music ( I use Cleanse negative energy from house on spotify) I begin walking around each room and fanning the smoke with a feather or your hand, while the smoke is moving think good thoughts, say a prayer, whatever comes to you. Do each room and finish with your doorways for protection.

Sage has been used for thousands of years to cleanse energy from a place or person.

To end this ritual make sure you take some time at the end to reflect and allow the new energy and intention to settle in.

Full Moon Releasing Ritual ( for every full moon)

Back to releasing all the things we do not wish to carry any more... Find some quiet time and light a candle, take a moment to do some deep breathing and or meditation. Make a list of things you would like to let go of. Burn the list and drop it into a bowl of water. Inside or outside under the full moon, totally up to you! ( in a safe space )

What is better on a winter night then a warm relaxing bath?Turn off the over head lights and light your candles around your tub. You can add flower petals, Himalayan salt, epsom salt and or essential oils to your bath. My favorite to do on a full moon is sage and lavender, Visualize the water recharging you after everything you released.

Bring a book or play some relaxing music, or just the silence alone will be soothing. Listen to what your body wants.

A mantra you could say if you feel drawn to is,

I now release what no longer positively serves me and open up to receive my highest good

This ritual is just one of many but I wanted to share one I like to do, This super full moon brings heightened manifestation power so take the time to really sit and think of all the things you'd like to release but also bring into your life.

I hope this brings either a reminder to something you already do or maybe encourages you to try something new for YOU.

Sending love


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