Whats in a name? A description, a first impression, a feeling.....I had been feeling disconnected with Trillium Hair Boutique for sometime, I still had a fondness for it but did not feel it was ME any longer or the business that had changed/grown.

I see it everyday, on my Online Scheduler,Payment system,Sign,Biz cards, social media you get the point :) Feeling torn I put my intuition to the side for a bit,( on this matter) but as we all know and learn our intuition is a magical thing that doesn't enjoy being put to the side. She will call you out, remind you, pop up when you least expect it.

No not now I can't change the name Trillium has been so good to me and the beautiful clients who visit. But wait, whats wrong with change? stepping into something new, something lighter, stepping into who I am. Ok time to listen....

Nothing is wrong with change, or becoming who you TRULY are, in fact its the opposite. Not stepping into who you are, playing it safe, riding the shoreline, pleasing others is what feels wrong.

I decided on Lumiére VT because it means LIGHT in French. When it came to me I instantly felt this deep yes in my sacral center, Lumiére felt right, felt good, felt empowering for me and everyone who will Visit us.There were not other options, it was like a sweet gentle bolt of lighting really direct but so sweet:) A mixture of ohhhh ahhh and come on girl Here it is! Thank you Universe

We all collectively are shifting, into lighter, more loving compassionate beings. This name change will assist myself and my dear clients.

I welcome this new change with open arms and I hope it brightens up you day ;) I have created two new social media accounts to start Fresh and Light, If you feel aligned please follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

Stepping into the Light Will you join me?

As always sending you love


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