New Moon in Pisces

The moon moves every two and a half days, for this new moon we are in Pisces. Can you say feelings? This new moon is here to remind us to take some rest, self care and feel. This moon is soft and encouraging, do not fight the urge for retreating. You may find yourself feeling very empathetic, empathy is the gift of being able to feel and experience what others are feeling an have been through. Today you may find yourself not sure what feelings are yours with so much going on and so many feelings that are yours and others around you. Take time for you today or tonight to cleanse your space, the place you like to sit and meditate or spend the majority of your YOU time. Light a candle, diffuse some essential oils, I will be working with Rosemary tonight. Rosemary is excellent for the memory and mental matters, she helps to clear the mind at the new moon so that you can set intentions. List out some wishes, intentions, goals say them aloud if you feel comfortable, sit and let yourself visualize and or feel these things coming true. Let yourself be still and feel the support of this positive time. The new moon brings us the energy of beginnings, a time to leave the past behind and let yourself be in the energy of rebirth. Open yourself to abundance and possibility. Tonight when you go to sleep I wish for your dreams to take you to your wishes and intentions. As always if something calls to you as a substitute to something above listen to yourself and go with it. Enjoy this day and night, sending my love, Amanda

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