Something new

I am excited to announce that I have created something new.

I wanted a way to reach people in their homes to give them some insight,love,support, guidance and self care. How cool I thought would it be to send out monthly oracle readings, similar to when you read your horoscope but this is intuitively picked for each person! Along with the reading that person will also receive a beautiful crystal just for them. No two will be the same. I love subscription boxes and thought, hello Amanda this will be perfect. So I bring you the Monthly Insight Subscription! YAY!

The reading and crystal will arrive right before the start of the new month so you will have that card and crystal as your guidance, support and outlook for the month.

I am very excited to bring a little more love and comfort into each of your homes and lives, or workplace if you choose to bring them there too! These items picked just for you can travel anywhere and I highly encourage it! When carrying crystals I advise people to carry them in their left pocket, near their desk and anywhere they feel right. Mine travel with me everywhere I even have a few in my vehicle. You can never have enough crystals and who could get sick of loving guidance? not this girl! Check out the Monthly Insight Subscription page to learn more and place your order. The first order will be for July.

Sending love


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