Stepping into the light

This topic often comes up for light workers...How can you be a light worker, spreading love and light and also get angry, upset, frustrated?

Love this Selenite and all of the Light it brings!

I use to think that I was negative, I thought one could only be positive if one never Judged, complained and thought bad thoughts. Lets get real here people, everyone judges, complains, has negative self talk. Its the world we have been living in! Complaints and negativity spread far faster then positivity, often people would make fun of me or others for being to bubbly, happy upbeat, I use to listen to them and internalize this all as bad and then start to complain with them, to fit in, to not feel different or distant from them.

Now don't think I didn't complain on my own because of course I have! I was confused about how I could be this human suppose to spread love and light but still have my complaints, judgements, frustrations with people and events. Being aware of your thoughts, choosing the positive when you can and focusing on how abundant your life is, these changes helped me navigate my way back to the essence of who I AM. I slowly stopped caring what others thought of me when I posted on social media, or talked about lighter subjects, said NO to events and gatherings that were not lifting me up only creating that internal dialogue of "Don't be to happy, don't be to light for them" I dimmed myself far to many times, No one had asked me to this was all my doing.

Stepping into the Light is a very blissful place to be, you find yourself seeing all the beauty we have on this earth and in each person you meet. It does not mean that you are suppose to open your door to everyone and agree with every situation and or actions. For me I have been working on my balance of this, getting upset/ angry feeling it fully, while not hurting anyone and then letting it go. Forgiving the situation, accepting it and moving on is not as easy when you begin this change of mind and heart, but I promise you it will be for the better.

You see we are all here for something, we are all trying to find that thing, that purpose, that attention, love whatever it may be. With this comes pain, heart ache, loss, struggle and grief we all can relate to on some level, don't give up on yourself with thinking I could never look at life like this, " I got upset with so and so at the store the other day, or I yelled at a woman who took my parking spot just this morning!"

It's OK! You are here on this massive planet with Billion's of other humans! The energy carried by all is not love and light, it is not friendly, compassionate. These energies and personalties affect us, being aware of this is also a huge deal so give yourself some credit and keep moving toward that essence you were born with, Love.

It is okay to be Love and also go through times that do not feel so light, there is no race no finish line. We are all here together trying our best to create a new world, create more love and compassion, but remembering it doesn't happen over night and you have feelings and emotions for a reason, just don't sit in them to long. ;)

Comparison and Judgement on whether someone is truly of Love and Light? I think when that thought or conversation comes up Perhaps that person should look within and ask themselves who they are, where they are at in their own life?

So keep being you, your loving radiant self, allow yourself to have feelings, do not feel bad or ashamed for anger or hurt, learn from it, build boundaries, shine your light for the ones who are ready to receive what you have to give! Say yes to things that light you up and decline from the things that do not.

Love yourself and the life you are creating.



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