I am missing my family, friends and clients, this time at home has been hard, sad, easy, impossible, amazing, happy, frustrating, cozy, emotional and then some

I am naturally someone who loves and requires some down time / alone time, filling my days home with food, tv, talking to friends and family, being with my family and pets, games, art, creating, playing drivers ed instructor for my 15 year old ( although he says he is a pro) and nature when it's not snowing ;) I thought my home would be spotless, thought all of my inner work would be done..wrong

And its OK

this morning I woke up and did a morning ritual I have not done this entire time home!! WHAT! ?

How did I loose this, how did I loose what I need..We are all feeling our feels, thinking our thoughts in a way and space we have never experienced in this lifetime, its confusing and all the emotions I listed above to say the least.

I have been giving sessions for clients, creating items for them, talking and loving every moment I truly am grateful.

But I forgot to give to me, alone, the only thing I can give myself.

I believe we will all change and shift and my hopes in sharing this truth is that you give yourself YOU right now.

Give yourself the thing that no one else can, permission to just be.

For an hour or more but maybe not a full day if you have small ones you are responsible for ;)

give yourself a break, from checking in on everyone, doing what you feel you should do with this time, the house can wait, be done with the self judgment.

I look forward to being with loved ones so very much, but for now and until then I will try very hard to remember that at the end of the day Its just me. my heart, my soul, my thoughts so treat all of yourself with love and kindness and give yourself some TRUE tender loving care.



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