Kassia Golden

Intuitive Consultant 

Intuitive guidance, from the purest place of this universal God/ess Essence. Globally recognized for business and personal consultations. Substantial, profoundly transformative energies, Loving, heart- centered, straight forward approach.


 Melissa Hersh

Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

Answers Within – Leadership Coaching and Consulting

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I believe we all have the answers within. My life's passion for developing others and facilitating pathways to learning and growth has led me to the profession of coaching.  My purpose is to help leaders release their potential, connect with their best selves, and achieve the greatest positive impact in their organizations and most importantly with their people. Coaching is a collaborative, knowledge sharing and expansive growth opportunity. It is a privilege to join with my clients on their leadership journeys. As a constant seeker of knowledge, connection, and answers, the coaching experience greatly enriches my life and provides inspiration, as I hope it does with those I serve. 


I have had the opportunity to work side by side with C-suite executives and managers of people in every sector and have seen first-hand the positive influence and impact authentic and connected leadership brings to communities and organizations. 


This “selfie” was taken at Zion National Park, Utah in May 2015. While I have always been a keen observer of others, my trip to Utah gave me full permission to deeply observe myself and I consider it a pivotal event in my leadership journey. It is also about this time that I began meditating and paying attention to a shift that was happening inside of me. Four years later, I continue to explore my true nature, purpose and what it means to just “be.” 

If you are ready to explore your leadership practice and go deeper on your journey, please reach out. I am a certified leadership coach with training from Georgetown University, an accredited International Coach Federation (ICF) program and hold advanced degrees from New York University and Antioch New England University. For more information about me and Answers Within, please visit my website. Let's start a conversation about where you want to take your leadership. 

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