Ashley A-

An appointment with Amanda, for me, is so much more than getting my hair done. It's an absolute treat to sit there one on one with someone so kind, funny, and caring. I leave there feeling great, not just about my hair, but about myself in general.

Kassia B- Amanda is a shining light in this world, an Intuive and Wisdom Holder for all the ones who so dearly need insights and guidance. Just one card draw from her sets my whole world straight again. Allow her to pick out cards, crystals, stones, and spiritual trinkets for you and see your world unfold. She is this amazing and then some.

Melissa H-

Amanda is an inspirational person. I've been a client for at least 15 years, maybe more. When I walk into her sweet studio, it is like a mini-vacation. Amanda's calm presence, warmth and authenticity provide space for me to relax and be pampered. I love to share stories, books, and podcast recommendations along with great hair experiences. I am thrilled to see her business expand in new and joy-inspiring ways. Makes total sense!

Melanie P- Lumiere is the essence of light, which is exactly all that Amanda encompasses. I started getting my hair cut with Amanda 7 years ago, her kindness and ability to actually cut my fine, very straight hair took me by surprise. When you walk into that door you are greeted by light, she is such a force of positivity and a breath of fresh air in this world. You will leave her space with amazing hair and a sense of peace. She is so much more than an extremely gifted hair stylist. 

When my daughter was old enough to come with me during my appointments, she was welcomed with as much kindness as the rest of us. As I got my hair cut, I would watch my daughter walk through the shop and tenderly picking up small stones which were on display. She shares a love with Amanda, she would begin to teach my daughter about them. Here we are, 2 years later and my daughter begs to go see Amanda and learn all about her stones and crystals. She is enamored with her just as much as I am. She too will leave Lumiere with so much more than just an adorable hair cut. 

If you are looking for a place of peace, acceptance, light, or just an amazing hair cut that will last months (I can attest to that!) this is the place for you. You would never be disappointed walking into the doors of Lumiere VT.

Pat T-

I’ve known Amanda for 7 years. She is an amazing hair artist with both scissors and color. But she is much more than that. She is a kind and reflective soul and really listens to how you want to present yourself to the world.

Shawna C-

Amanda is such a treasure, and I’m so lucky to have found her. I followed her everywhere in her early years, and was so happy when she finally opened her own space for her own beautiful vision of what peace and happiness looks like. She’s taken care of my hair for ten, maybe twelve, years now, and I’m so lucky for it. I moved to Boston for grad school a few years ago and still travel all the way to Burlington just to see her! She creates the most natural blonde highlights, and cuts my hair so my natural curls are happy, meaning I don’t have to fuss with my hair to make it look great. She’s also honest about what will and won’t look good on me (THANK YOU for knowing the decisions I would regret!) and is always, always considering what will look good for a month and what will look good and also grow out nicely over several months and years, allowing me to maintain long term highlights without looking like I ever actually dye my hair. 

Indulging in external beauty is such a pleasure and to be enjoyed, but visiting Amanda’s salon is also a kind of emotional pleasure as her company, intellect, and kindness make for a shining experience. She cares about making people feel good, feel accepted, feel lighter, and she brings that light and love to the time committed to her. She creates naturally beautiful hair, but she also creates a naturally beautiful experience that extends beyond an appointment in her salon. So very lucky for her friendship and vision, and forever grateful for her outrageous skills!

Liz N-Amanda is more than a stylist, she is a dear friend. Amanda is thoughtful, kind, accommodating and can color hair like nobody’s business. I trust her thoughts and ideas when it comes to my hair and I have NEVER been disappointed. Amanda makes you feel so comfortable in her salon and it’s so inviting. Both of my daughters are clients of Amanda’s and we just love our appointments with her! I feel very fortunate to have Amanda as a stylist and a friend!

Georgia D- I have been going to see Amanda for about 8 years now and I cannot imagine anyone else taking such good care of my poofy curls. She always knows just what to say to make me feel better about my hair , and cut's/ dye's is just right every single time. Years of experience and talent in this lady and I recommended her to many of my friends and will continue to do so. I always leave feeling refreshed and beautiful.

Valerie K- Amanda is incredibly talented in her craft. Her offerings go above and beyond top-notch hairstyling, she is a healer in her own right. I leave each session inspired, beaming happiness, looking and feeling better.

Mary W- I love working with Amanda~she is a wonderful stylist who really listens to what I want and makes fantastic suggestions. The space is both welcoming and calming~a very special salon.

Sara C-

Amanda has beautiful talent and such a beautiful spirit. I have known her for 10 years and she has always wonderful. She was even sweet enough to offer to find me a stylist when I moved away from Burlingto, but I still come back to her when I am in town. Her expanding her business is no surprise. her light and spirit is amazing and she shines in each facet of her life and business.

Kathy R-I found Amanda by doing a google search for “organic hair salon in Burlington Vermont.” As a person with severe chemical sensitivities, I simply cannot breathe in the vast majority of salons due to their overpowering odors from chemical products . And to use those products in my hair makes me sick for days. Literally flat on my back. So, I was on a quest. And that is how I found Amanda, who uses only natural and organic hair products. Let me say up front that Amanda is a gift to my life – not merely the best hair stylist and colorist that I have ever had. This is a young woman with talent and skill – over the last few years she has taken me from brunette to dark blond, with highlights. She cuts and shapes my frizzy, curly hair, into a work of art. Truly – at 73, for friends to consistently say “I love your hair!”, wow, that is great! And it’s all due to Amanda. Did I also mention that she becomes your friend? That she is smart, witty, fun, and always a source of enlightenment. She schedules one client at a time – you get her full attention - in a light-filled, beautifully decorated, salon. If you are a client of Amanda’s, you are a lucky person. It doesn’t get better than this!

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